Property in Dwarka, Delhi

K-I zone

location advantage

  • A pebble throw away from the Golf Course & international Football Stadium
  • Dwarka Sec-21 Metro Station & IGI. Hardly 2 km away
  • Just beside Urban Extension Road UER I & II
  • In proximity to the Diplomatic Enclave
  • Closely connected to Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway
  • A short distance from the forthcoming AIIMS-2
  • Near IGI Airport & NH 8
  • A short drive away from IP University, NSIT & NLU

High tech living

The closely observed Zone K covers an extensive area of 12439 Hectares. This zone is further split into sub-zone k-1 which has an area of 6515 hectares. The sub zone is surrounded by the extremely essential Delhi Rohtak Rail- way network line on the Northern side, the HT power line and the boundary of Dwarka sub city on the Western side.

Suryaa Home’s main focus is to create a Master Plan that facilitates a sustainable social environment for improving the standard of living.

For reducing the pollution level creation of the green area and the open spaces and manage-ment of the natural resources has been con- sidered, in this zonal plan. While preparing the detailed sector lay out plan, this aspect shall be suitable taken up.

The Smart City will include :

  • State of art infrastructure development.
  • Eco friendly environment.
  • High frequency mass transport system.
  • Uninterrupted Water and Power supply
  • High speed internet coverage
  • Responsive emergency medical services.
  • Dedicated bicycle lanes

What to expect
from K-1 Zone

Healthcare : We aim at meeting healthcare demands of over 20 lac people by proposing the provision of 5 hospital beds for unit thousand people.

Educational Facilities : We pledge 53.6 hectares of the master plan towards provision of higher education

Sports Facilities : 17 hectares of land has already been allotted for sports activities, along with that more facilities are in process of coming up to encourage sporting activities.

Transportation : Wide and advanced roads with a width of 45m and 30m will connect a 100 m road going across the legion of Zone ‘L’.

Safety & Security : Sufficient police posts in and across the zone ensuring safety and security of the highest degree

Recreational : As per the Master Plan, 15% of the urbanisable area of the zone is to be kept under the green/recreational activities.

Disaster Management : Delhi being in high seismic zone IV need to provide Disaster Management Centre.

Fuel Station : Petrol Pump and CNG stations shall be provided as per the norms and to be indicated while preparing the sector plan.

Communication: Two plots of Head Post office each 2500 and two plots of Telephone Exchange each of 2500 sq.mts. are to be provided.

K Zone

K zone comprises of K1 zone and kII zone. K zone is located at South West of Delhi. K 1 zone is situated in Dwarka of New Delhi. K1 zone is uebnized extension developmental plan provisioned by DDA (Delhi Development Authority) in no 79 dt. 30.06.1987 in Delhi Master Plan 2001

The urban extension development plan was devised to tackle increasing housing demand for the estimated popullation of 1cr 28 lakhs. Completion of plan was decided to in 4 phases. Sub-city Dwarka or Dwaeka smart city includes 1A Phase (i.e. k1 zone) of extension plan.

K Zone (KI and KII zone) Boundry, Location and Area

k zone of Dwarka sub-city, spread over 12439 hect area, is located at outskirt of sourth-west of Delhi. K1 zone of Dwarka smart city shares its north-west boundry with Najafgarh, north-east boundry with Pankha Road, south-west boundry with Revari railway and west boundry with Najafgarh drain.

K1 zone is spread over 6515 hetc area which forms Dwarka sub-city. K zone is devided into K1 zone and K2 zone by oil line from Mathura to Jullandhar. Phase I (north east) is under zone K2 and phase I is under k1 zone (i.e. south west). 1996 hect area fall in Phase II and 3652 area falls in Phase I.

Approximate land usage distribution according to urban extension development plan is as below....


% of Land allocation

Residential purpose

45 to 55

Commercial purpose

3 to 4

Industrial purpose

6 to 7

Recreational purpose

15 to 20

Public Facilities (fully public and semi public

8 to10

Circulation purpose

10 to 12

Zonal Map of K (Pase I)

Zonal Map of K-II

K-I Zone delhi K II Zone